lemon law attorneys Milwaukee WI

Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin and has by far the most vehicle sales in the State.  Most people have purchased a vehicle and went home to enjoy it for months if not years to come never imagining needing to call a lemon law lawyer in Milwaukee. 

Milwaukee lemon law lawyer

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Milwaukee lemon law attorney

Lemon laws in Wisconsin are designed to protect the consumer.  So why are you here?  Most likely it is because you feel a dealership or manufacturer of your vehicle is ignoring your concerns and your consumer protections laws like the lemon law.  

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Wisconsin lemon law lawyers

.  First lets go through some of the basics and make sure you have done all the basics.  This will help the lawyers dealing with your lemon law case in lemon law lawyers Wisconsin

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lemon law lawyers Racine Wisconsin

First, have you brought the concern to your dealership 4 times.  We know it seems like a lot, but if you have had the same problem with you vehicle 4 times, even the law takes notice.  Another major contributing would be if your vehicle has had a major issue that has put it in service repair status for more then 30 days in your first year of ownership.  

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